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A historical site

Rancho Los Remedios is a beautiful reserve where vineyards, peach and avocado orchards and more than 50 species of endemic trees create a natural setting full of life.



A beautiful hacienda and historic chapels take us on a journey through time, when time was taken to enjoy life without worries.

Social commitment

Rancho Los Remedios integrates in a committed way with the neighboring community "Del Rinconcillo" to improve the quality of life of its residents. From infrastructure improvement plans to the implementation of involvement, education and work programs, we create a positive impact by contributing to sustainable developments in society.

Every minute is a gift,
each drop is a remedy.

We protect every drop and emotion of working with the land, which under adverse conditions gives us the fruit and soul of our wines.

Botellas de vino rosado cabernet franc moscatel los remedios
 We proudly harvest and produce wine from the heart of México.
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