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Living in the country: the new global trend.

The benefits of living in the country go beyond the fact of escaping pollution, rush, and noise. Are you curious? In that case, keep reading a long so we can describe in greater detail.

In recent years, the trend of young people leaving the towns to go to the big cities is reversing or, at least this escape is no longer so massive. There are several reasons that explains this change, such as the economy, for example. However, there are many other factors to take into account.

Although each case is different, in general terms those who are attracted to the idea of ​​living a more leisure and conscious lifestyle, in a natural environment, agree that there are several benefits of living in the countryside.

One of these benefits of living in the country is that the air you breathe is cleaner. The reason is very simple: there are not so many vehicles around and, therefore, there is not so much pollution. Thanks to this, people who live in the countryside have fewer respiratory problems.

In any city, there are thousands of cars everywhere and the streets are full at all hours. There is always movement. Tranquility is not that noticeable and for many, it can be very difficult to find.

Outside the concrete jungles, in the absence of rush and high levels of stress, you can have a greater connection with yourself and with the environment. For this reason, another of the greatest benefits of living in the countryside is that you gain a lot in tranquility. This can be summed up in a very fashionable concept lately known as: ¨slow living¨.

Additionally, it is said that living in the countryside helps with mental health and disorders such as stress and anxiety and are prevented. For this reason, many professionals from various areas (not only from psychologist) have decided to study this relationship on several occasions.

Some studies suggest that living in the city contributes to the increased risk of psychopathology. However, more research is needed where as other aspects influence mental health.

Sleeping in peace, without noises or lights coming through the window. In the city, the activity never stops, there is not a moment of peace. In the countryside, at night we will sleep in total silence and this makes sleeping much more restful.

Additionally, there is a difference in circadian rhythms between rural and urban populations, in terms of exposure to natural light and sleep patterns. Due to working hours in agriculture, rural populations spend a considerable amount of time away from home, which constitutes an obligation related to working hours.

Diet will be much healthier, either because you decide to grow your own fruits and vegetables or because you buy them from people who grow them nearby.

Open spaces, landscapes, etc. of rural areas invite people to practice exercise and sports in the open air. It is also a plus to sunbathe more regularly, something that is very beneficial for both physical and mental health.


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