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History and events of Rinconcillo De Los Remedios

History of the Rinconcillo De Los Remedios

The residents of Rinconcillo de los Remedios remember some of the main events that have shaped their community and its history, as it has been passed down from generation to generation. They do not have the exact dates of the foundation but it had already existed before 1911.

1911: The temple of Cristo del Rinconcillo was built.

1920-1940: The community was established as it is now known.

1935: The primary school was built (Before the school was built, classes were held at the hacienda)

1967: Electricity service was introduced to the community.

1986 the preschool was built.

1991: the temple to the patron St. Martín Caballero was constructed.

2002-2003: The drinking water system was introduced to the community (before this the water was sent from the community of Morales).

Rinconcillo De Los Remedios Ceremonies


Blessing of the Seed: A religious ceremony is celebrated with vigil mass that is given. The seed is blessed as it gets planted. A gathering is organized in which food such as tamales and beef broth are offered to the attendees.


Holy Week: The Holy Week festivities begins at the end of March and ends at the beginning of April.


Mass of the good weather: A mass is offered in gratitude for having favored the crops.


Day of the Dead, and Day of San Martín Caballero: A mass is called, vigils are held. At the end, a gathering is organized among the residents of the community.


Day of the Virgin of Guadalupe: Masses are officiated and the novena is prayed (also known as the nine-day prayer). Posadas: To celebrate the posadas people congregate to pray the rosary. They chant and present various relics. Bedtime of the Child God.

In addition to these traditions, uses, and customs, the Rinconcillo De Los Remedios community recognizes itself as an indigenous community due to the Otomi language spoken by the natives. The language serves as cohesion both socially and religiously, giving the residents a feeling of belonging. In order to provide formation to children that reflects this feeling, classes are taught in primary school in Otomi and it is thanks to this education that several natives understand.

The sacred places that exist in the community are the Mezquites near the drinking water well. The mass "for the good weather" is celebrated and it is near the figure of the Virgin. This celebration is celebrated every 12th of December with a mass of gratitude.

The foundation of the economy in Rinconcillo de los Remedios is has many agricultural activities. A large part of the community's social and administrative relations revolves around them. The formation of the Agrarian Comity who´s in charge of the Ejido Commissioner, has the function of summonsing the natives to assemblies. Here they publicize agreements and decisions that help improve agricultural production in the community. Likewise, an activity that helps the economy for some of the residents is the production of handicrafts such as baskets and fresh strawberries that are sold to the residents or visitors of the community.


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